Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day29: Sarria to Portomarin (Sat 23rd Oct)

The day started with yet another restless night and am unhappy and very tired and struggle out to get on the road by 9am....its misty rain and very very foggy - bit like how I feel really!! ;-)

My body aches and takes me ages to find my walking rythm this morning...but at first stop Barbadelo its too early, of course as its Saturday, so I carry on and am irritated by a bus load of "faux" pilgrims with their mini day packs and spritely energy and grumble to myself as I trudge on without my coffee!!!

Sarria is the last major point in which you can commence the Camino to obtain a Compostela - you must do a minimum of 100km to obtain the "sacred Compostela" and you must get 2 stamps per day....Sarria therefore becomes a hub of craziness and I´m not used to it nor do I like I continue to grumble I wish ├╣pon a star that they get fresh cow poo all over their clean pressed pants and jeans....and their fancy white running shoes ;-) hehe

Ferrerios is about 13.6km and I´ve walked in a grumbled stupor and arrived sooner than I anticipated - always a pleasant thing and stop for 30mins to inhale coffee and wait for it to sink into my depleted veins!  Next stop is Portomarin which is my destination.  Its quite a bit more rocky than I want, just something!!!, and a final and steep descent down into the town - and my feet have started to be painful again and it bothers me - I´m exhausted physically and mentally and I wonder if its not to do with the fact that the end is now close and the journey coming to an end....I ponder that for a while.

Crossing the river into town is spectacular and jolts me out of my walking daze and I have to stop on the bridge, both sides, and just stare and wonder! My feet soon remind me to "move on" and I eventually find a small Alburgue and I´m lucky its off the normal beaten main street and its a small room with only 4 beds (2 bunks) and by the time I go to bed....I´m the only one in here...its fantastic!!!

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