Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day26: Cacabelos to OĆebreiro (Wed 20th Oct)

My crazy crazy day....oh what fun to be so crazy!! I do 40km (12.5hrs) to the top of the world....climbed to the top of "The Cebreiro" as we affectionately call her!! She is demanding and tough as old boots and sinks her teeth in hard and long....sunrise to sunset!!

Yep Iḿ officially a maniac but I was on fire...

Another early start and beautiful sunrise...iḿ off to Villafranca which is 7km through the vineyards. I find a very clever retiree who has turned his garage into a makeshift cafe to capitalise on the early Pilgrims walking past his house - when no other cafes are open...very clever and heś got it all sussed and loves it!! Bless.

Villafranca, another beautiful village and I finally find a camera shop to buy another memory card for my camera!! Important! I take a break for 45mins in a busy & warm cafe and enjoy the people watching.  Iḿ feeling fantastic and the best Ive felt all the Camino.  After leaving Villafranca I work my way towards my next break at Perje and find the crazy Italian, Simone and heś tucking into a huge lunch! We chat and he is on fire, antibiotics for his infected blisters have kicked in and strong pain killers and he feels like he can walk all the way to Santiago today....LOL!

He says heś going to take on "The Cebreiro" today with gusto - I laugh and heś Iḿ feeling great and tell him I come with him - making it a 40km day!

Even though we walk together we walk our own pace and we decide to stop at the villages at the 6km mark and reaccess the plan...then the next town he thinks we can do "The Cebreiro" I say "YES WE CAN"! So he says OK OK OK we can and yells very loudly telling "The Cebreiro" we are coming....! LMAO! The next 2 stops are all good and heś all about conquering the mountain...then we finally arrive at La Faba (last place to stop for sleeping before committing to the pinnacle) and it was a really tough 3km up a steep steep rocky stretch and heś hmmm I think we cant take "The Cebreiro" I say ok...but I will....heś like OK OK OK then if you go I go and we take on "The Cebreiro" everyone in La Faba think weŕe crazy, and we are - its already 7pm...and we have more than an hour ahead (he has a torch). So we go and the view is breath taking and we yell and scream when we get to the top - then the sun is starting to set in and its a long stretch, like a mirage, when it the village going to show....finally it is dark and the torch comes out and we arrive 5mins later at the rear of the Cebreiro village!! ELATION - WE BEAT "The Cebreiro"! Weŕe on a high and find the Alburgue and shower and go find FOOD...weŕe starving....he meets up with some other of his friends who are totally amazed that he has made it - he was in bad shape with his infected blisters...they call him superman! hehe

It was an exceptional day - 40km up a mountain 1500m and took 12.5hrs with only 2hrs of stops all up!

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