Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day32: Arzua to Arco do Pino (Tue 26th Oct)

This is my last full day and tonight my last night in an Alburgue!! (shared dorm accomm, shared showers, shared toilets....etc)

Its a great start with brekky in the cafe in the Alburgue - always a bonus - its a little fresh but its not quite gloves or fluffy hat cold....its only 20km today and I feel a second wind blowing through my energy levels...despite when I wake up my body is hurting from my heavy fall yesterday - my knee throbbed all night, my jaw is aching and my lower back feels like a slab of concrete and is screaming at me - I dig deep and ignore all - hump up the backpack and get a frisky move along!

Is about 8km until my first and only coffee stop - and its very welcome when it arrives - I´ve scooted along this morning like a woman possessed and passing everyone in sight! lol people are commenting....i´m on a mission - to finish early and get the blog updated! I´m committed...or is that I should be committed..!! hehe

After my 20min coffee break I´m straight back into my groove - I´m even low flying up the hills - is quite scary and I´m not sure if I´m me or someone else...hehe! The lower back is still screaming, a little louder now - but it´s only another 9km by this time and I´m hell bent on being there by 2pm. The scenery and sunrise is again, breath taking and I still have time to stop and take pictures and look around (amazing traffic in the sky) - laces are safely looped where they can do no harm.

As I´m walking into town I hear the roar of jets - its the Labacolla Airport about 7km away and it reminds me how close Santiago is now - its only 21km to the Cathedral tomorrow and it suddenly hits home - the reality that I´ve almost walking 850km across Spain and completed my commitment and journey - its all a bit overwhelming and find myself extremely emotional and can´t stop the flood gates.

I pull myself together and stroll into Arco and the Alburgue at 1.15pm - its my Camino record - i´ve covered 20km in 4.5hrs! I feel great about that and I´m the first to check into the Alburgue and therefore have preference to where I sleep - love that!

Its a feeling of enormous anticipation that is running through me and tomorrow I think I´ll stroll into the Santiago Cathedral Plaza around 2pm or 2.30pm and I know it´s going to be very very emotional for me.

Ivar - take note when  you see me!! ;-)

I´m on my LAST night in an Alburgue - tomorrow night a Hotel - real towels - real sheets and a hot shower that isn´t timed!!!!



  1. Hey Jacqui, very proud of you - huge effort! Enjoy your final day, we'll be thinking of you.